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The need for all women regardless of race or occupation has never been greater:
1 in 3 women will be a victim of an assault in their lifetime.
There is a robbery every 15 seconds.
1 out of every 4 women assaulted within 4 years of college
There are over 26,00 unreported assaults in the US Military!
70% of All Attackers are Unarmed and less than 5% of rapists spend anytime in jail.
Beyond the physical dangers the emotional and psychological impact can last a lifetime!

Learn How to Escape the Most Common Attacks Predator’s Use... In Seconds!

The Women’s Personal Safety Network calls the Defender the best safety device for women! The Defender Safety Keychain is actually safer and easier to use than mace or a stun gun. No more searching in your purse, messing with safety caps and buttons, worrying about spraying the wrong way or wind causing you to be effected. You will always have the Defender with you since it is part of your keys!

  • Endorsed by police departments, security agencies, correctional officers, military personnel and thousands of women worldwide
  • The Defender is the most effective and easy to learn way to put your personal safety back into your hands
  • Easy to surprise your attacker and destroy his size advantage
  • Learn the three strikes and vital targets that will incapacitate your attacker in seconds
  • How to defend yourself against the most common attacks used by street predators, including Snatch and Grabs, Van Throws, Chokeholds, and more!

Thousands of Women Can’t Be Wrong...

The Defender saved my life!
I feel much safer when I have this at my fingertips…
I thought I knew something because I was in the military…
The Defender is awesome awesome awesome. I learned a lot…
  • "I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a wonderful self-defence seminal! What an informative and inspiring lecture! the techniques you showed us were things we could use in real-life situations. The defence against grabs and the chokehold escapes were especialy effective and easy to learn. I believe we were all surprised at how easy it is to defend yourself if you are trained properly. Although I enjoyed the physical part, the infomation on awareness was priceless! I will pass this information on awareness was priceless! I will pass this information on to as many of my family, friends and coworkers as I can i look forward to another seminar"

    Charlene McCray

  • "I participated in a one hour morning program and I left feeling so empowered I have not been the victim of a crime, but I have been in situations where I felt very uncomfortable, but now if presented with the same situations, like being on elevators or stairs, I feel more confident I could get away and buy myself more time. Thank you sooo much!!"

    Arleen Linzau

  • "When I first came in here I thought I knew something about the martial arts and defending myself because I was in the military and I took kickboxing. I found the workshop very empowering and I highly recommend this class to all women."

    Trisha Krenwinkle

  • "I have worked out my entire life and even taken some martial arts, but the real life application and skill sets taught by EPS are of more value than any fitness class I’ve ever taken."

    Annika Kjellgren

  • "I found this training assuring and quite helpful. I’m only 5’1 and always out by myself. This training has given me several techniques I can easily use when I am in danger."

    Lia Watts

  • "I was walking in a parking lot late at night when I was grabbed from behind. Instinctively I was able to use what I learned at the seminar to incapacitate my attacker. I later found out that he had left his car running and was likely trying to kidnap me. I highly recommend the Defender Safety Keychain and Elite Personal Safety Systems to everyone."

    Benita Gardner

  • "I would like to express my appreciation for the self-defense training workshops you hosted for us during our fall retreat. We found your techniques to avoid becoming victims of crime, as well as how to defend ourselves, invaluable. We learned so much and really enjoyed ourselves in the process. Know that you are welcome to return anytime. We are looking forward to it!"

    L. Germaine Cheatham
    Member, Membership Committee, SZO Chapter. AKA Sorority

  • "The Diversity Committee would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation. Attendees found the information on self-defense and crime awareness to be very valuable and useful. I am especially pleased your group took time to educate our employees on what a predator looks for, how to prepare for a real-life confrontation and how to effectively defend themselves. It is easy to see that you and your group have a true gift for educating others in self-defense and crime awareness. Thank you again for making our workshop series such a great success!"

    Lori L. Hill
    Diversity Program Manager, Department of Navy

  • "The seminar given was terrific! I walked away with valuable information about self-defense techniques that will enable me to stay safe. The 75 staff employees who attended the seminar also enjoyed it and are still saying positive things about the demonstration that was presented. Awesome job! "

    Stacey W. Berry
    HR Manager, Job Corps

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